Care Home Check List – Who to Inform When Moving into a Care Home

When moving into a care home, there are several key steps and notifications to manage to ensure a smooth transition. This article provides a quick guide on whom to inform and the various considerations involved.

Who You Need To Inform When Moving Into a Care Home

1. Family and Friends

Notifying your loved ones about the move is not only important for emotional support but also practical assistance. They can help with the sorting and packing of personal belongings, as well as with administrative tasks or during the move itself.

2. Local Council

Contacting the local council is essential for a financial reassessment to understand how the move impacts your eligibility for financial aid or benefits related to care services.

3. Health Services

Inform your general practitioner, dentist, and any specialists to transfer your medical history and prescriptions to new health care providers near the care home. This ensures continuity in medical treatments and care.

4. Utility Companies

Communicate with utility companies to either end or transfer services such as water, gas, and electricity. This is crucial to avoid continued billing at your previous address.

5. Financial and Legal Notifications

Update your bank, investment firms, and any institutions handling your pensions. Additionally, legal documents like your will or power of attorney should reflect your new living situation and address.

6. Postal Services

Setting up a mail redirection service is important to ensure you continue to receive your mail without interruption, which is crucial for staying on top of personal affairs.

7. Electoral Roll

Ensure that you remain eligible to vote by updating your address on the electoral register. This is a simple yet often overlooked task.

8. Insurance Providers

Notify your insurers—from health to home insurance—to adjust your policies according to your new living arrangements, ensuring appropriate coverage.

9. Driving Authorities

If you own a vehicle or hold a driving license, updating your address with the DVLA ensures that your records are accurate, which is legally required.

10. Additional Considerations

  • Visiting the Care Home: Visits can help reduce anxiety about the transition by making the environment familiar.
  • Personal Belongings: Sorting which items to bring can affect personal comfort and the feeling of home in the new setting.
  • Pet Policies: Understanding whether and how you can bring a pet can impact your decision, as pets often provide emotional comfort.

Creating a detailed checklist that includes timelines for each of these tasks can help manage the transition smoothly and ensure nothing is overlooked.

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