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  • Our audience is made up of people who are looking for high-quality care homes for themselves or their loved ones. They are typically over the age of 65 and are looking for a care home that can provide them with the support and services they need

  • Digital Marketing: Luxury Care Homes attracts thousands of visitors per month. We aggressively promote on social media (Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok) and search engines (Google and Bing), ensuring that your care home receives maximum exposure to our luxury care home seekers.

  • Leverage Our Email Reach: Feature in weekly emails to our growing community of over 55,000 subscribers. Our readers receive weekly healthcare advice, stories, and promotions that emphasise the services you provide as well as any future events they should attend, ensuring maximum exposure.

  • PR Benefits: With our established relationships with national healthcare editors of major newspapers and magazines, our dedicated PR department secures media coverage for our members, averaging 10 press mentions per month.

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  • A detailed listing of your care home on our website: This will include information about your facilities, amenities, services, and staff. You can also include photos and videos to showcase your care home.

  • Qualified leads: We only work with care homes that meet our high standards of quality and care. This means that you can be confident that the leads you get from us will be from people who are seriously interested in your services.

  • Improved search engine ranking: Our website is well-optimised for search engines, so your care home listing will appear higher in search results, which will help you attract more visitors.

  • Increased website traffic: Our website is visited by thousands of potential residents and their families each month. Listing your care facility with us allows you to reach a larger audience of people searching for high-quality care. This will result in an increase in inquiries and leads that are more likely to be from people who are seriously interested in your services.

Your questions answered

Frequently asked questions about marketing your care home

Using a care home marketplace like is one of the most effective ways to market your care home services. Websites that promote care home services draw people who are actively looking for premium care for themselves or a loved one.

Our targeted audience makes it more likely that we will connect with new individuals seeking care services across the UK, especially in well-known cities like London, Manchester, and Kent.

We’ll assist you in giving as much information as required about your care homes, including details about your offerings, costs, and credentials. As a result, you will receive more qualified inquiries from our audience who can make well-informed decisions.

We promote our website through active and extensive digital marketing efforts, including:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)

  • Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising

  • Social media marketing

  • Email marketing

Strategic marketing of your care home is essential for reaching a larger audience and sharing its unique features. Utilizing care home marketing websites like Luxury Care Homes can save time and money.

Our marketing team will assist in creating a compelling profile for our website and engaging with your local community, ensuring it stands out and attracts potential residents. They will also provide ongoing guidance to help you connect with your target audience and build meaningful relationships.

We can also assist you with digital marketing services such as Google and social media ads, localized SEO, and conversion rate optimization through our partner DBM.

Attracting new residents requires a number of strategies centred on building trust and increasing knowledge of your new home. To succeed, have a strong web presence, utilise social media, participate/organise local activities, and provide transparent pricing. This will help potential residents feel confident in their decision to choose your new home.

A care home’s target market comprises both older persons who need help with daily activities and personal care, as well as family members or carers who have a role in decision-making. Your care home marketing plan should target those who require more assistance as well as those who are accountable for assisting them in making this decision.

  • Reach a highly focused audience of potential residents and families seeking for Luxury Care homes.
  • Improve online visibility and search engine ranking.
  • Generate leads and inquiries from potential self-funded residents.
  • Showcase your care home and unique offerings on a dedicated platform.

Increasing occupancy in a care home requires a mix of efficient marketing methods, good service, and a warm and friendly environment.
You have to build an internet presence that highlights your home with high-quality graphics, thorough information about your services, and simple contact choices. Almost all individuals and families look for care homes online, therefore a good internet presence is essential. To reach a broader audience, ensure that your website is user-friendly and mobile-responsive.

  • By taking advantage of the features included in the Showcase Package, such as premium placement, detailed profile, virtual tours, and targeted lead generation.
  • Providing compelling photos, videos, and descriptions that showcase your care home’s unique charm and offerings.
  • Actively responding to inquiries and engaging with potential residents.

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